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July 30 2008 Quilting Newsletter

Hi everyone, welcome to another issue of Quilters Quarters Newsletter. For some of our BellaOnline readers it’s summer time and the endless long days are a gift for quilters. The lovely bright natural light of summer just urges quilters to go and get some lovely new fabric and get creating. For those of us who are in the midst of winter like me, it’s out in the sun with a chair, chasing the sun around the yard and getting some valuable stitching time in while you can.

Well, I’ve had a BIG week with BellaOnline. When I first started editing the BellaOnline Quilting website I’d imagined it would simply be about writing articles and keeping the forum ticking along. Well, I’m having such a fun time doing that and heaps more. I’ve have developed the skills to be able to describe and demonstrate through illustrations all sorts of quilting creating and this week just past is a milestone for me.

I have written and drawn illustrations for creating the Rhode Island State Block. As most of you are aware, when I took over the site, only 39 of the 50 state blocks had been completed. So I’ve taken up the challenge and have successfully posted my first State Quilt Block. Here’s the link: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art1127.asp

So it’s my intention over the next few months to create and post the final blocks for that state blocks series.
I’ve also found a book on the State Capital Quilt Blocks. What do you think? Would you be interested in those blocks? If I get enough positive feedback I’ll begin on those also.

I’ll post a question on the forum website (here’s the link) http://forums.bellaonline.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=439322#Post439322 and you can add your response there, or if you wish just drop me an email though the main page site. Here’s my email address: quilting@bellaonline.com

My gift to you today is a few interesting items I’ve had in my files, regarding quilting and sewing in the long past. Some superstitions, some folklore and some just very interesting facts:

Quirky Quips
Why are buttons on women’s and men’s clothing such as jackets and shirts on different sides, and for the same reason, why do bras fasten at the back and not more conveniently at the front?

Because when garments of these types were first worn, men traditionally dressed themselves, so buttons were placed on the right side, (for the right-handed majority). Women were often dressed by maids, so the buttons were put on the opposite side to make it easier for the maid. Bras were made rear-fastening to preserve the dignity of both the maid and mistress.

Dropping a pair of scissors is said to be a warning that you have an unfaithful lover.

Spitting on your hands brings you strength. This folklore comes from observation of wild animals that lick their wounds. This made humans think that saliva has some healing powers.

Three butterflies found flying together brings good luck

When sewing, if you use a long piece of thread, it means you'll marry a man far away

Well, readers, I hope this newsletter brings you a wonderful week ahead. Stay well and happy and I’ll return to chat next Wednesday.

Judie Bellingham, Quilting Editor

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