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August 12 2008 Quilting Newsletter

Hello Bella Quilters, just popped in for a quick chat. Hope all’s well your end as you receive this newsletter.

We (my quilt guild) are well and truly into the class/school program of teaching patchwork to children. After three weekly visits, the children are now about to finish their quilt top and are getting ready to stitch the three layers together. It has been a very simple project for these students to complete; with our idea to bring the “possibilities” of playing with fabric into the consciousness of these young minds, in the hope that sometime – down the line in their lives, they will choose to continue the play and understand that it’s OK to play with fabric. I’m sure you’d agree that there’s so much more to quilting than just playing. As with most hobbies there are many positive spin-offs from just creating.

It was this subject I was thinking about when in a pondering mood last week (where I come from we call it “navel gazing”). I was musing about why I quilt- what motivates me to do this particular craft. I decided to simply sit down at the table, with pen and paper and dump my responses to that very question, without really thinking about what I was writing – a simple dump of the mind.

I’ve recorded my answers and they make up the article “Why do I Quilt” that was posted last Sunday. Here’s the link: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art10198.asp

I must say that the responses were very much from the heart and I was surprised with some of the words I used. I guess when you look at all the responses – I come to the conclusion that I use quilting as a sort of “soft place to land” throughout my week. I wonder how many of my readers feel the same way.

I posted a question on the forum – Why do YOU quilt? and there’s been some very interesting answers. Feel free to offer your opinion or your comments about Why you Quilt. Here’s the link for you:
Now, to my gift for you this week. I had some great emails regarding the pin cushion from last week, thanks for contacting me. A number of you have made the pincushion and found it an easy “gift” to whip up on short notice.

My gift for this week is a few little poems I’ve had in my “stash” of quilting paraphernalia. These are in keeping with my “pondering mood”.

From the back of an 1890 quilt (author unknown):

Embroidered designs that make the quilt gay
Are pleasures and duties we find on our way
Hope, love, and kisses are stitches so bright,
Which decorate life with gleams of delight.
While sympathy sweet is the lining to hold
The old scraps of fate, which we cannot control.
We are better than patchwork because of the soul.

The following poem was written by Rose Mills Powers in 1911, and was published in the Youth Companion on March 16, 1911.

The Patchwork Quilt
I have a quilt upon my bed
Of patchwork done in white and red,
With yellow stars set in beside,
It is very big and long and wide
Yet Grandma made it, I am told
When she was only ten years old
And now its countless stitches show
How hard she toiled so long ago.
She never knew a lazy day
And when I waste my time or play
Too long, I stop and think how she
Was always busy as could be.

Cheerio Readers, keep happy and safe and I'll chat again next week.

Judie Bellingham, Quilting Editor

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