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August 19 2004 Art Appreciation Newsletter

If you have read any of my articles, you might understand my slant on writing about art. It is subjective. What is near and dear to some people is frowned upon by others. That's what is so fascinating about the medium of art. A good example would be graffiti art. It tends to have a negative connotation, i.e., delinquents from the inner city with spray paint. The word "graffiti" is from the Greek "graphein" which means "to write." Alas, the root word for "graphic." "Graffiti" is, more generally speaking, "Writing on an outside surface without the consent of the owner." I read recently that graffiti was found on the Great Wall of China. This was not unusual, for the Romans also left their mark on the wall of Pompeii. From this information we have learned more about everyday Roman life. So the next time you encounter unsightly graffiti on a wall, consider the possibility that it could be construed as a future art form. Buy Posters Here From

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