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September 11 2013 Astronomy Newsletter

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Centaurus the Centaur
Half-man, half-horse, Centaurus strides across the southern sky. Its myths and legends go back thousands of years and it's full of marvelous sights. Planets, black holes, an enormous diamond and colliding galaxies are just some of them.

I saw the stars of Centaurus and the Southern Cross for the first time earlier this year. It was quite exciting seeing the southern hemisphere sky, though confusing sometimes. Orion seemed to be lying down and gradually became more upright as I went north. The Big Dipper (The Plough) was so low that it looked as though it were going to dip some South Atlantic water.

*September 11*

This newsletter is going out on a very sad anniversary for Americans and all of those from many countries who lost their lives in 2001. I'm moved and inspired by the existence of two monuments on Mars. Both Spirit and Opportunity, the twin rovers, carry a small piece of the debris from the World Trade Center. Spirit is now silent at a place named Home Base, but Opportunity is exploring Endeavour crater in the tenth year of her "three-month" mission. You can read Spirit's story here:

*Conjunction of Venus and the Crescent Moon*

On Sunday, a bright Venus was close to the crescent moon. Always a beautiful sight. If you didn't see it, here is a picture with the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York: And a view from Brazil in the southern hemisphere, showing a different orientation:

There is another similar conjunction next month on the night of October 7/8. (Note to self: Mark on calendar!)

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