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February 15 2012 Body Art Newsletter

Greetings, Body Art Fans!

2012 is off and running! Anyone else out there planning to take their tax return and use the money for new body art?

New and Recommended Articles:

Don't Let Your Tattooist Reuse Needles!
A question from a reader asks if it's okay for a tattoo artist to reuse the same needle to tattoo two people who know each other. Learn why even if you think you know the other person, you should absolutely not allow your tattooist to do this!

Committing To Character Body Art
While body art used to be viewed as an impediment to an actor's profession, it's no longer a stigma to have tattoos or body piercings. In fact, some actors take their work so seriously that they actually get body art done to portray a character.

The Tattoos of Tom Hardy
If you've saw the movie INCEPTION in 2010 or WARRIORS in 2011, then you've seen actor Tom Hardy. Not only is he an actor who's breaking big on the movie scene, he's a tattoo enthusiast whose collecting passion is escalating.

Hot Links:

  • Finding Pictures Of A Movie Tattoo
    Ever wanted to find a picture of a tattoo that you saw on an actor in a movie? Come on, I know you do, I get tons of e-mail with requests like this every day. With a very small amount of effort, anyone can find that special tattoo picture on the internet.
  • David Beckham's Tattoos
    Like an inked-up Energizer bunny, he just keeps getting tattooed, and gettting tattooed, and getting tattooed...
  • Tribal House Body Jewelry
    Looking for something new in the way of body jewelry? Take a look at great tribal styles, large gauges and more!
  • What do you wish you'd known ahead of time?
    Looking back at your present body art, is there anything you wished you'd known before you got tattooed and pierced that you know now?

You can upload your tattoo pictures to Bellaonline and then rate your favorites! It's fun and free, and you can upload or vote here.

If you have a body art question, please come on over to the online forum. It's a great place for chatting about body art and getting an answer.

I really love your feedback and welcome your questions, so if you have something to tell me or ask, please send an e-mail or drop by the forum! Please pass this message along to family and friends who you know are interested.

Body Art Editor


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