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August 18 2006 Body Art Newsletter

Greetings, Body Art Fans!

Welcome to the mid August edition of the Bellaonline Body Art Newsletter.

We just had the Seattle Tattoo Convention here in town and sadly, as the event didn't consider "just a web site" a valid media outlet, I didn't get a press pass and thus was unable to take pictures at the event. Suffice to say, seeing 70 tattoo artists all working at once was great, and it made me really, really want to get tattooed again. The winners of the tattoo contests got neat trophies that looked like the Space Needle.

It's just about "back to school" for a lot of young folks, which means a whole bunch of people are finally going to out of Mom and Dad's house and able to get that piercing they've been waiting to get all high school. Be sure to read up before you go do anything, and remember, you still might have to go home on winter or spring break....

The Book of the Month for August is THE WOMAN BETWEEN THE WORLDS. This novel is a mix of science fiction, mystery and horror, colored with Victorian tattooing. Come follow the tale of Vanessa, an invisible woman who wishes to be visible. As the tattooist works on her, he wonders if she actually is a woman, and if he's falling in love...


Questions About Navel Piercings
Some of the latest question from the Body Art mailbag: How can I help my navel piercing heal? Can you pierce outie belly buttons? and How old do you have to be to get pierced?

Tattoos and Aging
Many people get tattooed without really thinking of what their art will look like in thirty or forty years. Here are some thoughts on tattoos and aging.


Japanese Tattooing Now
Whereas most Japanese tattoo books look at how the Asian style influenced the West, this new book takes a look at how Western styles have had an effect on the aesthetics of modern Japanese tattooing.


  • Tattoos and Your Skin Rights - Ok, so you're 18 and you're finally getting your tattoo. Everyone you know has told you “it's going to ruin the rest of your life!” Will it? It might or might not, but there are a few places that will dictate special conditions if you are tattooed.
  • Body Art and Blood Donation -One of the most often needed supplies during an environmental crises is blood donations. Your body art might prevent you from donating, so be sure to check your guidelines before you go to your local blood center.
  • Tribal Tattoos - Photo galleries, history and video of tribal tattooing. Learn to tell a Borneon design from a Maori one, and see some tribal facial tattooing.

We've also got an online forum all about Body Art that you can visit. It's a great place for discussing the latest developments in body art and getting an answer to any questions you might have. Recent topics include the question of one tattoo artist or many, corseting and those pesky "bumps" that often form on nose piercings. Please drop on by and show your colors!

I enjoy your feedback and welcome your questions, so if you have something to tell me, please send an e-mail or drop by the message boards! Feel free to pass this message along to family and friends who you think might be interested.

Body Art Editor

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