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December 31 2010 Clairvoyance Newsletter

~~~~~~Clairvoyantly Speaking~~~~~~

Greetings and Happy New Year!!!

Well, I don't know how other people see the New Year, but for me on the one hand, yes, it is another day in the week, but it also offers a starting gate with which I can envision a little guy in white pants and a blow horn eyeing up some hoof-pounding pavement where sheer determination will win this next year's achievements, regardless of last year's odds or statistics! You know how I need that visual :)

Thank you and welcome to all of the patient subscribers! Many of you know I had been in an accident this past year and recovering from the head injury though slow, is getting better. Never let a little thing like double vision get in your way. It just means there's more out there to love, twice as much in fact, lol!

This past year has been, well, just whewwww..! We had a lot of obstacles to get through, family issues, health, homelessness, little things and I know so many people riding out and feeling the cycle of Earth changes and future developments are dealing with things many could never ever imagine having to. Know that someone out there knows what you're going through and if you're a sensitive, well, know as well that it's certainly not work for the weery.


They didn't pick slackers for the tasks to come!

It's been a saving grace to have the Bella community and remind ourselves that as all things, "Nothing Lasts Forever." Good or bad, sure the high points are great, that's why they're called achievements, but it's the "guts" in the middle that's the good stuff. The middle is what makes us who we really are! Here at Bella and with me, you have a sincere Soul group and opportunity to meet some really great friends, with strong spirit and wit that can get us all through just about anything. Even if it's just a bit of a down spell, or whetherered "sensitive" being, remember there are places you can go and connect with kindred spirits, kick up your heels or boots, have some fun and be welcomed with open arms (whoo-hoo)!

I'll be in and out of the foum this evening. Everyone called off at work so DH will be (forget the skelleton crew) covering ghost shifts this evening. I kind of see him like that Octopus in Monster's Inc. with 8 limbs trying to handle everything, but our celebration will be tomorrow with a Mimosa brunch.

If you have anything you'd like to see upcoming in articles or discussed in the forums here this nest year or an interest in seeing a group chat started up, feel free to drop a line or experience!

Cheers (Virtual Clink)!



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I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message. I thrive on your feedback!

Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

Elleise, Clairvoyance Editor

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