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March 25 2011 Clairvoyance Newsletter

~~~~~~Clairvoyantly Speaking~~~~~~

Greetings everyone & Happy Friday!

Myself, this evening, I'm cooking all sorts of good things! The windows are open, the floors have been waxed and tonight's it's a bit of Italy, with a home-made pizza crust with semolina, fresh mozzarella and margarite tomato. Along side of this I wanted a small side of fried ravioli, salad and parmesan scallop scampi with shrimp in white wine sauce.

Next weekend I'm heading to a restaurant in an historic district and with that experience, hope to bring back a few more tastes than what I already have in my memory :)

I don't know if anyone else notices this, but if you happen to take a fancy to cooking, with an open window or just even going outside, it tends to clear the palate. The air seems to provide a whole new take on what it is you're cooking. It's less calories and is usually much more precise than just cleansing the palate with water or a cracker alone.

With all of the changes these days, settling and re-settling, I feel it's so very important if you happen to be feeling the effects of it all, to give yourself a break! By that I mean, if you're just plain ol' simply sick of everything, let yourself be sick of it. Acknowledge that you may genuinely feel weary, ticked off, but give yourself a pat on the back for everything you've done in the past, regardless whether it turned out exactly the way you planned it or not! Release yourself to that small loving vacation, and jump start your future. It exists, even after every dust particle has settled!

Whether it's an hour or two, a day or afternoon, dig in and see what it is that makes you tick. Find what it takes to breath in and out without feeling that all too familiar vice grip.

Good, bad, it's all learning experience and we get better the longer we here to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps!


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Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

Elleise, Clairvoyance Editor

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