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August 13 2007 Cleaning Newsletter

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Good, clean ideas for a good, clean home


By Kathryn Weber, BellaOnline Cleaning Editor




August 13, 2007


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We are quickly approaching the middle of August.  That means school will be here before we know it.  My son is going to go to private school this year.  We are excited about it.  The classrooms are smaller and we think he'll enjoy the attention and the chance to move ahead because he will also be in the class with the next grade.  He's in the third grade and he'll have third and fourth graders in this classroom.  I'm anxious for the year to start.  This has been a fun year with him.  I keep waiting for the "terrible" age to arrive, but so far it hasn't. 

When he was a baby, everyone would say, "you enjoy him now, just wait until he's two years, three years, four....." and so on.  We never had the "terrible" stuff.  That's not to say that he hasn't had his hiccups and difficult moments, but there has never been a time of protracted problems like we were warned about.  In fact, what we have found is that every age has had something wonderful about it and something not so great.  When he was five, he was fun to do things with, but he couldn't get into the "big kid" rides at amusement parks.  Despite that, it's been a great ride with this kid. 

This month, get started with your planning.  Once August and Labor Day arrive, we are on the downhill stretch to New Year.  Sorry.... am I pressuring you?  I just find that if I plan things, I'm ready for them and not under the gun when they arrive.  That's sort of the idea behind the feature article today -- scheduled cleaning.  Schedules may be deadly dull, but they work.  Hope you enjoy it.  Print it out and save it to post in your laundry room or cleaning closet.

Until next time...



Kathryn Weber

Cleaning Editor for Bellaonline





Keep Clean with a Schedule

Clean houses don't just happen. Clean homes are the result of consistency and planning. In order to know what needs to be cleaned, it helps to keep a list of important cleaning projects and chores that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis.

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