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June 29 2006 Coin Collecting Newsletter

The Belladonna Coin News

Vol. II                Issue 7                                          June  2006


Hi Coin Fans --

I certainly hope all of you are enjoying your summer.  From what I can see of it out of my office window, it looks glorious, at least here in the Upper Mid-West of the U.S.  My heart does go out to those of you on the upper East coast of the U.S.  From talking to my Mother and Sister, who both live in Eastern Pennsylvania, I understand the rain has been relentless, and flooding is making life difficult.  My best wishes to all of you in those rain soaked areas.

My new website will, FINALLY, be launching on July 15, 2006.  It has been a long time coming, and the next couple of weeks will be spent cleaning up last minute details on the site, as well as finishing up the initial promotions for the site.  I am sure there will be a bug or two in the system, there always is, but in general we will have a very nice numismatic on-line magazine for Coin Collectors of all levels of expertise.  I am really getting excited about it.  From the emails I have received from you, I want you to know that I appreciate your support.  So, I have a gift for each and every one of you.  I want to give each of you a FREE 6-month subscription to  If you will send me an email requesting the subscription, I will email you a special code number.  That code number will be good from 15 July through 12 Aug of 2006.  When you visit, click on subscribe, fill out the information requested, and enter the code number.  You will be given 6-months free.  There is nothing to purchase in order to qualify for the free 6-month subscription.  It is my gift to all of you. Thank you.

If you haven't visited lately, there are a couple of articles you need to check out.

The first is on the New American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin.  Wow, is this causing quite a stir inside of and outside of the Coin Collecting Community.  Last week my "Special Lady" asked what the deal is on the Buffalo Coin.  She told me everybody is talking about it:  in her store, at the hair salon, and at the place she gets her nails done.  She says she just can't seem to get away from the talk about the coin.  Whether you have or have not heard about the American Buffalo, you need to read this article.  It raises some very interesting questions about the fate of the U.S. Bullion Coin Program.  You can find the article at:

What I think is really funny, is that an article I posted, about a week and a half ago, about the American Eagle Bullion Coins.  This article talked about the U.S. Bullion Coin Program, i.e. the Silver Eagles, the Gold Eagles, and the Platinum Eagles.  It will also give you a little insight as to how the U.S. Mint distributes the Uncirculated coins in the Eagle series.  You might be surprised.

For those of you who love a good murder mystery, you just have to read the article on the Binion Hoard.  Talk about a wild story!!  This is the story about Ted Binion, the late head of the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, his untimely death, the sex, the drugs, and the mountain of silver he amasses.  In years to come, this hoard of coins could make the Redfield Hoard look like peanuts.


Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I need to get back to work on  I am afraid there will be some long days and nights ahead of me in order to meet the launch date.  Tell every one you know about us, and keep those emails coming.  I want to hear from all of you.  I wish all of you my best, and may each and every one of you find the coin of your dreams, and the means to afford it.

Ray Hanisco

Editor, Coin Collecting

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