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January 17 2010 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings, everyone!

I'll be back in full action again on Monday evening. In the meantime we can have some brainstorming fun!

Distance Learning
By far the most common goal editors have aimed for is to make 2010 a year of learning. I know there's been a lot of emphasis on it in the media, from Obama's education credits to the proliferation of easy, online college lessons.

I know I've always wanted to finish my degree. When I tried to take courses online about 10 years ago it was nearly impossible to go through the hoops to get it done. I got frustrated and dropped out. Nowadays it is apparently very easy!

I'm setting up a chat for us to discuss online learning of all types - here at BellaOnline, on other online course systems, and for college degrees. That way we can share our experiences and get us all motivated and learning!

Please respond back with the days/times in the next two weeks which will work well for you. I'll try to choose the most commonly available combination, and we'll get everyone on the right path! I'll log the chat, as always, for people who can't make it.

In the meantime, we have a whole forum on distance learning -


Post your goals and thoughts in there, to get started! If you can't make it to the chat, we'll brainstorm for you!


So far we have talked about finding a calm center -


And then determining your life-long priorities -


Once you've done those two things, you're ready to set up 5 year goals based on those priorities! You need to start with long term goals, because your short term goals should head in that direction :)

It's a good idea to revisit your long term / 5 year goals every year, to keep yourself on target!


Post in the thread to let us know what your long term goals are, and we'll help you make them happen!

Lisa Shea, owner


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