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January 3 2014 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I know a number of you are interested in my recipe books, so I wanted to give you a heads up that the Low Carb Charts, Low Carb Quick No-Cook Recipes, and Low Carb Microwave Recipes ebooks are all revised and online. As a BellaOnline editor you get free access to my and all editors' ebooks via your admin area. Let me know if you have any trouble viewing the ebooks in there. The three new versions are up in PDF and EPUB format.

If you read ebooks from an editor, please offer them feedback! The more we can help each other, the better.

On my Low Carb ebooks, let me know if you need any help with recipes or if you’d like any other types of recipes. I’m happy to create more! Well, technically, Bob does most of the cooking, but I’m happy to have him make more :). The more recipes, the better for everyone!

So the only book left I’m working on revising in the Low Carb series is the “First 2 Weeks” overview. I should have that done tomorrow. That has a collection of all types of recipes, including a lot involving an actual stove :).

Also, as I revise and reload all my low carb ebooks for the various sites, I’m now loading them into Kobo. I’d not had these on Kobo before. I’m already getting sales! So I definitely recommend having your books on Kobo if you’re not on there already. It’s just another online bookstore like Amazon and iTunes and Nook. There are people who “live” in Kobo who don’t use other systems, for whatever reason. So it’s good to have your books in Kobo to reach those buyers. It’s quick and easy to put your EPUB version into it. And it’s free to use.

The new books are selling like hotcakes in the various systems. It's all due to the fresh release, the marketing effort behind it, and the fact that I promote it at the bottom of every recipe on my site that matches. So that way, for example, if someone comes in to read my new "baked apple microwave recipe" article, they see at the bottom that I have an entire ebook on this topic and they're likely to buy it. It's perfect, targeted marketing for your ebook projects. Draw them in with something they want, then get them to buy something related and useful.

Also, as I update each book, I go into GoodReads so I can update the cover there. A key part of this process is I’m revising the cover with a shiny “2014” seal on it to catch the reader’s eye. That way they know it’s fresh and new and are incented to buy it. In most systems like Amazon you just load in that new cover when you load in the new text. However, GoodReads is a bit separate. They like to track the different covers because their readers like to have “their shelves” showing the covers they actually own, not a different cover. Makes sense, from a tracking point of view.

So what you do in GoodReads is you log into your author account. You find the book in question in your library. Then you add a “new edition” to that book. You don’t need to put in a ISBN or anything on this new edition because it’s only there to demonstrate the new cover. You add the new cover in to this new edition, and the new description. You save it. Once it’s saved, you go into it and you set it to be the default edition. That way when anybody looks through GoodReads and finds your book, they now see that new shiny cover and get lured in by it.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Lisa Shea, owner


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