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October 23 2010 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and salutations!

We have now reached Stage 3 of our bounceback work. I've been tuning, tweaking and coding it all week - and now the bounceback system should handle most 'over quota' messages! It won't delete those members right away. What it does is store them in a database and keep track of them. Only if someone bounces 5 times do we figure the account is really abandoned and remove the person. That way we give them a chance to wake up and clear out their mailbox :)

I've been hearing a lot of happy messages from editors who find the new system is saving them a ton of time! I'm so glad. Now only a few bouncebacks will trickle through to you, and the rest will be snagged by the filters and handled for you. Your newsletter will stay pruned, fresh, and full of eager eyeballs!

I will continue to tweak and update the filters over the coming weeks, so expect them to get even better with time.

As if all of this wasn't wonderful enough (LOL) there is yet another improvement lurking in my mind, which many of you have been *begging* me for for years. Yes, now that the newsletters auto-prune, it means we can set up a preloading newsletter system! That is, just like you can forward-date your articles and let them roll out automatically on the dates you set, you will also be able to forward-date newsletters and have them roll out in time with your articles! Voila! Life becomes simple, relaxing, serene, and just in time for the holidays too :)

I'll post updates about the newsletter changes as I start to work on them :)



We haven't had an editor chat in a while! The holidays are coming up, and this is a PERFECT time to hone your products and marketing techniques, whatever those are. Do you sell soaps? Maybe origami? Do you write customized poems? Paint pet rocks? Whatever your talent, there is an eager holiday market out there ready to buy it. We just have to get you out there and noticed. Not only will this draw in a good cash supply for you to enjoy - but it will also help *you* be ready for your own holiday buying needs!

Come on by the chat room on Tuesday, October 26th at 9pm EST and we will do *customized* support for your specific talents and projects. Whatever it is you can do, we will help you with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other ideas to get that item in the public eye and selling. You could sell ebooks! The Kindle is selling *hugely* right now and all those Kindle buyers are gobbling up ebooks like candy. Come by the chat and learn how this holiday season can be your best ever!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Shea, owner


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