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October 24 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

First, some editors are having issues logging into the forums with Internet Explorer, but it's working fine on my machine. I'm running IE 9.0.8112. If you have IE, please see if you can log in and, if not, let me know what version you're running. That will help me narrow down and fix the issue. Thanks!

Last night I had my Geek Girls monthly dinner and one of the women had just come back from PubCon. She gave us ALL sorts of information about how important Google Plus was now to get any traffic on websites. If you don’t have a Google plus account yet I highly recommend setting one up. It’s free, it’s easy, and it gives huge boosts to your traffic for all of your web efforts.

You start at plus.google.com. Create the account for you as a person. If you want you can then also make “fan pages” in essence for your business.

For now, though, we’ll focus on the person :). A key part of this is to then make circles with meaningful names. For example I have a circle called “Kindle Authors”. I have put Jeanne into that circle. So now Google and their search engines know that she writes Kindle books and will boost results for people looking for Kindle books in her topic area.

I also have a circle for "web content writer". I'm adding each editor I can find into that circle.

Here are my accounts, so you can get some ideas on how this works.

Main / Lisa Shea –

Low carb –

BellaOnline –

Video Games –

RomanceClass –

WineIntro –

Again it’s *very* easy to set up, and even just having the account boosts your web pages. So it’s well worth doing.

Google+ is **all public**. So you would want to keep that in mind when posting. This is like Twitter - it is meant to draw in publicity for your projects.

When you tell us your account link, please give a suggestion or two for the circle names you’d like associated with your account. That way we can best help you succeed.

Post it here so we can all share it -


If any of this is confusing, start with just going to plus.google.com. Make an account. Then email me, and I’ll help out :).

Lisa Shea, owner


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