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October 30 2014 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement while we get through these server changes and restores. I have received the old, damaged hard drive from the hosting company and will be sending that out to a repair facility tomorrow. In the meantime, please continue to load in any missing articles that you have and I'll work on getting those reassigned to their proper locations.

When / if we get the data from that damaged drive, I'll work on safely integrating it into our existing data set. So there's no need to worry about duplicate content or anything like that. I'll sort it all out.

Right now I am nearly done with all the test / preparation work for moving both of our main BellaOnline servers to a new facility with fresh, new, fast hardware. I've had a lot of kinks to work out along the way :). But things are now working properly! That should mean that when I tackle our BellaOnline main forum and site that it should go quickly and smoothly.

My aim is to tackle the BellaOnline forums Thursday 10/30 late evening. By that point I'd have moved three other UBB forums and hammered out any remaining hiccups that are likely to occur.

What I'll do is first send an email out to you all letting you know I'm ready to begin. Then I'll turn off the forums so nobody can alter them. They'll say "down for maintenance." I'll back them all up and move them to the new server. Then I'll restore them there. I'll do some testing to make sure everything looks good, and then I'll repoint the URL forums.bellaonline.com at that new location. That repointing process takes a few hours to propagate around the world. As it does, people will see the new, live forum at its new location. That way no data is lost, it's as quick as possible, and it's simple.

I'll then be moving the main website on Friday, with much the same type of process.

So I'll be contacting everyone later today (Thursday) as I begin the forum process. If anybody has any questions about the forum move, please let me know. It should be fairly seamless from your end. You'll see them go "down for maintenance" for a few hours, and when they come back up they'll be in their new location, faster and more secure than ever.

One step at a time!


Lisa Shea, owner


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