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November 14 2019 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I just finished moving all of my non-BellaOnline sites (about 30 of them) to Server #1. Last night I moved the MailEnable mail server that handles those 30 sites to Server #1. Everything seems to be up and running! Hurrah! Those websites include WordPress Blogs, UBB forums, MySQL, and everything else we do on BellaOnline. So I was able to test everything and make sure everything works on the new versions of Windows and PHP and MySQL and so on.

So that means we're ready for the BellaOnline move.

It turns out my stepmother, who has cancer, wants me to come down and be with her for a treatment on Sunday to Monday. So I'm adjusting my timeframe for our server move a bit. I am now going to start it Friday afternoon. Things tend to quiet down over the weekend for the site, so it's a good timing for that reason. Starting Friday afternoon the forums will be closed and the site admin will be closed.

I'll then back up all the files, back up the various databases, and move them to the new location. I'll restore the files on our new server. I'll point the names BellaOnline.com and BellaOnline.org and so on to this new server. It typically takes a day or two for that update to "propagate" out around the world.

While that is happening, I'll move our BellaOnline mail server.

This new server should be faster and more reliable. We shouldn't have all these crashing issues and jamming issues we've been having with the current server. I've seen impressive results with the test server #1 I've been working with.

If you need to reach me during the moves please use LShea@charter.net - that is my house email with my actual internet provider so that should always work.

So if you have any tweaks you want to make before Friday night, you have time to do them. The server should only be "non-updateable" over this weekend while it moves. Then it will be updateable on the new server starting probably Monday. I'll keep you updated along the way.

Thank you everyone for your patience and encouragement!

Lisa Shea, owner


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