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November 4 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I know many of you are enjoying the November writing challenge of creating a novel! If you're finding that an entire novel is not fitting into your schedule right now, here's a fun SHORT story content from Lulu. Only 600 words, and you could win a Nook or $500! Post in the ebook forum if you're entering, and we'll help you perfect your submission! Here's the rules -


Since we all write 400 words a week already, 600 words for $500 is well within reach!


Now is the perfect time to dive into social networking and boost your site's reputation and in-links for the holidays! It's good to keep two separate concepts in mind, and know how each one benefits you! These tips are great both for your BellaOnline content and for all other sites you run.

* Unique Content *
Your articles themselves should always be unique. The 400-or-more word articles are a key draw for Google. Google needs to see that each article is firmly about a topic, has a title that is meaningful, and that the article is found in just one place. This gives the article itself a high ranking. Google rewards unique, on-topic content.

* Tons of Links *
Google expects that, if lots of places link to an article, that the article must be great. So Google rewards pages that have lots of incoming links. It's fine if lots of places link to the same article! Not only is it fine but it is really good :). So most editors have a Twitter page, a Facebook page, plus several other pages that all link to their articles. This isn't duplication! These are all links. They're not content. I realize the difference can seem a bit esoteric :) But the purpose of the Twitter page and Facebook fan page and so on are all to provide short "press releases", if you will, to the actual content. Google understands that. So it is a GOOD thing to have as many different promotion streams as you can for your articles.

So for example, many editors have both a Twitter page for their site, and one for their home business they run. Many editors have both a Facebook fan page for their site and one for their home business. This is great. It ensures that each area is being marketed. It is fine that all happen to feature the same related articles.

So here's an example. Let's say I ran the paper crafts site. Let's say that I also ran an origami business selling origami. I would most definitely have Facebook fan pages for both separate entities. I would then promote any origami-related articles I wrote on both fan pages. That's fine! That's not duplicating content. The content would be in one place - on that one article page. I'd be sending out lots of press releases for that article, and that is fine.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

I'm in the final proofing stages of my four print copies of my low carb ebooks. These books are on microwave recipes, no-cook recipes, carb charts, and getting started. Because I have been ordering proof copies, I've now got a bunch of Lulu-self-published books in the house that are extra :) If you're curious what a Lulu created book looks like, let me know which one you'd want, and I'll send it along to you. That way you can see what self publishing is all about! I'm happy to email along the Word document and cover JPG that made your book too, to help you see how everything fits together.

First come first served!

Lisa Shea, owner


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