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December 11 2016 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Unfortunately a spammer managed to guess one of our editor's mail passwords over the past few days and began deluging people with spam from our system. I had to shut down all the mail, pull the 600,000 messages out of the queue, and start it up fresh.

If your password is under 8 characters please take a moment to log into the BellaOnline admin interface and change it to something longer. Spammers don't personally guess at passwords - they have programs that robotically try combo after combo. Short passwords get guessed quickly. They never get around to trying the longer passwords. So the longer we make our passwords, the safer we are from this.

On our main site we have a lockout after 5 tries so spammers can't get in by continually guessing. We can't do that on mail because there are so many automated routines out there randomly trying passwords that all of our accounts would be continually locked. A sad commentary on the state of spammers. So while we can't just lock them out, what we can do is make passwords that are so long that they are never gotten to. It would take spammers years to try all the shorter passwords so they just never get around to trying the longer ones.

If you had emailed me about books or ebooks, that message is probably in those 600,000 messages that I have to sort through. Please just email me at LShea@Charter.net instead so I get the message quickly and can send out your books and ebooks :).

Yes, I know I'm really late this year on the project. If you're interested in participating anyway please let me know by this Tuesday night 12/13 again at my LShea@charter.net address. Provide me with your address and also your list of things you like. On Tuesday I'll send that information directly to your santa and that way we move quickly. Items might not get to their recipients by Christmas eve but that's all right - the spirit of giving lasts a while :).

I hope you're having a great weekend!


Lisa Shea, owner


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