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December 26 2019 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I hope you and yours enjoyed a happy holiday, whichever one you celebrate. I know they can get busy! Bob and I just hunker down with the cats and keep things quiet. That's the way I like things.

I tracked down a robot which was repeatedly querying our website to build maps of our site. I managed to block them. They were hitting us so hard that they were literally 2/3rds of our traffic for the past two weeks. Now that they are blocked, the site should run even faster than before. And we were already seeing a great improvement on this new hosting facility compared with the previous one. So that's great news :).

I've also been going through our log files to look for any lingering remaining pages with problems. I think we'd gotten all the main pages working fine, and the pages left are the ones rarely visited like our BellaBall Fortune Teller :).


Yes, sadly, our BellaBall was broken :). It's working again now. So I'll continue to track down those types of things and fix them. If you spot any errors let me know. We'll get there.

BellaBall predicts great success for us, by the way. I did ask it.

This time period at the end of a year is often a time for reflection and review. We faced a lot of hurdles in 2019, with all the site issues and with the continued downturn in the web advertising market. But this new hosting facility is faster, more reliable, and less expensive, so everything is smooth again. Hurrah! It took an enormous amount of work, and I greatly appreciate all of your patience as I got through it all. But we're now on the other side and everything is working just the way we could dream of.

2020 will be a wonderful year! I wish you and yours all the best :).


Lisa Shea, owner


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