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March 21 2017 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I have just finished wrangling with the internals of the server and think I've finally convinced it to send mail through to me properly. I have been having all sorts of mail problems for the past few months, as many of you know. I apologize again that was so troublesome. Our modern world of email is sometimes great and sometimes a royal pain.

I believe I've gotten to the root of the problem and got everything working again. I really wanted mail working properly before I sent out all the Mused newsletters since a chunk of the people responding would get "delivery failed" messages which isn't a great thing.

I'll be sending out all the Mused messages tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon and then I will start plowing into the messages from you all that got jammed up. Please give me a chance to catch up on those and then I'll do a call for anybody who hasn't heard from me to write me fresh. That way I can catch up with everybody on everything.

A reminder that we have an editor chat scheduled for this Thursday, March 23rd at 10am EST. Yes, morning. I'm yawning even thinking about it. But we aim to try different dates and times to meet a variety of schedules!

I'll take minutes so that those who can't attend can get the gist of the conversation. Now that we're doing these in Google Plus and people are in their PJs, we aren't recording it - but we can definitely make a list of what we cover to help those who aren't able to make it. If you don't have a Google email account yet, now's the time to create one so you're ready for Thursday morning. Just send me your Google email address and I'll add you to the "Hangout" just before 10am. You can participate by text only, audio only, or audio and video - whatever you want. Don't worry about dressing up. Most of us are in our PJs - it's very casual. It's like a slumber party where you learn about social networking and marketing.

Have a good day! And thank you for your patience!!


Lisa Shea, owner


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