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April 21 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I'm heading to bed early so I can be up early as we launch into 30 days of Earth Day challenges. Here's the idea!

Every day I'll post a fresh challenge on the various BellaOnline feeds. It should be something that we can encourage people to chime in and say "I did it!" right on that day. It'll encourage action and participation and positive movement in our world.

I've been prepping people for the juice cleanse one, since that takes some advance planning. It would be cruel to tell them in the morning so they had to race out and buy all the ingredients :). So Day 1 will be for people to do a juice cleanse day. Some will go on for multiple days, but anyone who has even one juiced concoction gets to chime in and feel good about it.

That means I still need 29 more things to promote! It can be easy things like "eat something local today". Or maybe "go for a 15 minute walk". Again we want things that most people *could* achieve. If we make it hard like "go for a 4 hour hike" then most people can't make that time on a single-day warning and therefore will just give up.

So make either an article or a forum post about your challenge topic. Make sure it's evergreen, phrased as a "Benefits of Eating Local" variety so it's always going to draw traffic. (i.e. don't mention Earth Day in it or that will date the content) The Earth Day challenge part will just be on the promotion side. Once your article or forum post is set, let me know its URL. I'll space them out over the days so that we have something fresh each day. It'll be a great way to draw people into your site and to get them talking!

If you have a Facebook page, you can make a promotional challenge post there too and I'll link the BellaOnline Facebook post to your Facebook fan page. I'll link all the other (Twitter etc) links to your article / forum thread. We always want a BellaOnline article / forum thread at the "core" of each promotion, so we're driving traffic back to us. Facebook doesn't need our help in building traffic :).

If you need any brainstorming help about how green and eco-friendly apply to your topic, just let me know! I'm very happy to help you think up ideas.

Together we can help our visitors become more earth-friendly for a full thirty days!

Sleep well everyone, the fun is about to begin :)

Lisa Shea, owner


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