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April 26 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I just posted the latest batch of free books I can send you to review, in the Editor's Forum. The link to the editor's forum is in your admin area. Please email me directly if you want any books in that list - I'm happy to send them along! Penguin keeps sending books to me despite my pleas, so it's good to get them out into your hands rather than in piles in my back room :).

I also included a batch of my used books on there, that I have listed on PaperBackBookSwap. Hopefully some editors will be interested in those as well! If you haven't tried PPBS yet, I do recommend trying it. They're a great book exchange site.


Several editors wrote for more clarification about the article saving process, so I thought I'd reply back to everyone, to help make this process clearer.

Here at BellaOnline, we train editors always to write their drafts on their home machines, to work on and polish them there, and wait until they are final before they post the content live. That's a good practice for editors to get in for all sites; it's a general writing best-practice we're trying to help them learn. So that's not about BellaOnline in particular but more a global habit we're trying to instill. That way no matter where an editor writes, or for what publisher, they always have the final, perfect version on their own home system as a backup.

If an editor got into the habit of only having drafts on their home system, or even composing in the online system, they could run into all sorts of trouble with sites if those sites went down or had issues.

For example, here's a tale of a woman "dumped" by Google who lost access to all sorts of critical information -


(If that wraps onto two lines, you'll have to reconnect it to get it to work)

So it is quite important to always have backups of important data on your own home system, no matter what project you're working on. When writing articles, for any site on the web, it's always wise to finish the entire, full article on your home system and save it there before taking that next step.

Feel free to ask away if you have comments or questions!

And come on by the forums - today's challenge is to declutter just one counter or desk or area!


Have a great weekend :).

Lisa Shea, owner


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