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April 5 2019 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I want to offer my heart-felt thanks to Sadhana Ginde and Dianne Walker for their years of support, enthusiasm, and compassion for our entire BellaOnline community. It is due to their dedication and care that so many of our current editors are thriving on the web.

The downturn in web income has meant we've had to make some challenging choices in the past few years. We had to cancel our connection with Katharion, which was handling our anti-spam processing for us. We had to reduce from three servers to two. I kept looking into moving us to a less expensive hosting company but my experiments over the past months with various cloud options found they cost more, not less, than where we are. And ad income is just not rising.

In the current state of the web, I'm afraid that it's no longer feasible for us to have paid managers on staff.

Both Sadhana and Dianne have always been absolutely amazing. They've gone above and beyond to do their best for all editors in our system. I wish them the very best of luck in all projects they work on.

I will do my best to even remotely try to step into their shoes. I'll be contacting everyone in training and launch over the coming week to see where they are and what I can do to help. I'll also start contacting all incoming training applicants to see which sites we can fill.

We have a number of sites available. You can see the list here. You'll note the page is still in the "old format" - I haven't found the time to convert those over into the mobile-friendly layout. One more thing on my list :).


If you see a site in there that you're interested in, please do apply. I know the list is long. It may be that some of these sites are just no longer viable on the web and we need to prune them out. Maybe there are other sites we should add in. The web has changed a lot since we began in 1999 (twenty years!!) and slowly but surely we change along with it :).

Ask with any questions, and please do add your thanks to Sadhana and Dianne! They are amazing :).


Lisa Shea, owner


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