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May 7 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

The BellaOnline Green Team has been hard at work researching a BellaOnline Green Statement! We have put together a page describing our carbon footprint and created an automated carbon footprint calculator!

Our aim is this: We would like to figure out how much carbon dioxide "operating BellaOnline" puts into the atmosphere. Then we'll buy trees to inhale that much CO2 so that BellaOnline isn't affecting the world climate at all. We want to make sure our website is an Earth-friendly one! Plus the trees will help provide a habitat for critters.

We've figured out the carbon footprint of the three servers we use. I've figured out the carbon footprint of my home office. That means the only missing thing for us to figure out is the carbon footprint of our editors!

Please visit our online Green Statement page:


You'll see it links to the carbon footprint calculator. Please use the calculator to determine your personal carbon footprint. Then email me your final number, along with a guesstimate of how many hours a week you tend to spend on BellaOnline activities. If you want to be anonymous, simply use the contact form on the Editor Assistance site and leave the email address field blank - that's fine.

What I'll do is average out all the responses I get to determine an "average editor carbon footprint." Then I'll multiply by the number of editors we have. That way we can be sure to plant enough trees :)

If you have any comments, suggestions, or additions you'd like to see to these pages, please let me know! We are definitely open to suggestions on this area. If you'd like to join our Green Team, please let me know that too! We are a very casual, laid back group, and we email each other occasionally to think up fun new ideas.

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Shea, owner


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