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June 16 2010 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings editors!

I've been struggling with this poison ivy all over me - the itchiness is really getting to me :) Hopefully it will start to fade soon! I'm finally getting able to think again.

Thank you all for your great feedback on the article checkboxes. The overwhelming majority of you wanted the article add page to start out with both the featured and archived checkboxes checked. I have made that change! You can always uncheck them if you wish, so the choice is yours.

In my conversations with editors, I helped correct a few misconceptions. Here's a few tips I'd like to share with everyone!

* The Article Date determines the feature and archive date. That is, many editors like to write ahead. Let's say it's June 16th right now and you preload an article to go live on July 1st. You can set that article to featured and archived right now. It won't actually show up on your site homepage, or in your archives, until July 1st. It does that automatically for you!

* Your site homepage has a limit of 6 features. That is, let's say you preload a month worth of articles and then get really sick. So by the time you are able to use a computer again, the system has 12 things "featured". Your site homepage won't be a mess! It will only show 6 items in the featured area. When you get time, you still want to edit the various items so that you choose exactly which six to feature, because that has a strong impact on your visitors. Editors tune those front pages very precisely to show a mix of current timely features plus older popular features. But there's no need to worry, if an emergency hits, that the front page will turn into chaos. It might not have the best six choices there, but it will only have six while you heal up.

* Related to that, it's a good idea just to glance at your site homepage each week to see what's on it. If there's still an Easter article showing up, and it's June, that gives a poor impression to new visitors. It's best to cycle those "time related" articles off your main page once they are past, and to substitute in other more appropriate items.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this!

One of the most enjoyed seminars at our Chicago Gathering was our Vision Boards seminar. I was thinking we could do a virtual one for our next chat!

To learn more about vision boards, go here -


The trick would be how we could share them. If you're interested in participating, write back and let me know:

* what dates / times work well for you, and
* if you know how to load images onto the web

That way we could all share snapshots of our vision boards as we work on them!


Editors are thrilled at receiving help with their projects, and with finding work to do from home! If you need help with anything at all - from backing up your hard drive to having a virtual assistant handle tasks for you - post it in the editor Swap Board. If you have free time and want to earn some extra money, swing by and post how you can help out! Anything from making phone calls to editing graphic files to sorting email can be a HUGE help. Together we can help each other succeed!

Lisa Shea, owner


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