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June 25 2018 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I've finished mocking up the mobile-friendly channel pages to use our actual live site data. You can see them here -


If you click through the channel names in the right-hand sidebar you can go to each channel. They all use the same layout, of course. This is wholly coded to use our live database now. The pages aren't "live" in the sense of our visitors. Visitors don't see these pages yet. The pages are "live" in the sense that they are fully connected to our live data, for us to test with.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for the channel pages.

You'll note that some of the editors who haven't written in a while don't yet have default site images to go with their sites. I'm working my way through that. If you don't have an image yet, or if you do have an image and would prefer a different one, please let me know. Please keep in mind that the default image shown is ONLY for articles for which you haven't set a specific image yourself. If you choose an image for your article it always is the one used. Be sure to have those be 800x534 going forward

Ask with any questions! We're making progress!

I'm next working on the site-level homepage. For example my Low Carb homepage with my latest articles and the category listing. That is going to be a real adventure, given how much information we currently have on our site homepages. But it can be done! I have faith! :).

Have a great week!


Lisa Shea, owner


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