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July 18 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I tend to put off emailing you all until I catch up on my editor email backlog. But then because new email comes in every day I never have zero messages in my backlog! So clearly my system has a flaw :). I have a new theory. I'll email you all anyway, and just tell you what my current backlog is. That way if it's non-zero, you know I'll get to your message soon. And that way I email you all with my updates too :)

My current email backlog is 38 messages.

I have posted the chat log from our Wealth Building editor chat! We had an awesome time at the chat. Many editors brainstormed and shared information about how they thrive and build sales. You can find the chat log with all our chat logs in the Editor Assistance site. Just go to the Editor Assistance site from your main admin menu, and go into the chat subject area! You'll find them all in there.

A key message from our chat was to stick with it. Many editors had nay-sayers and negative voices in their lives who said it would not work. The editors ignored those people. Build a cheerleading squad. Post in our forums and we'll help out with that! We will celebrate your triumphs, offer ideas if you get stuck, and success will follow!

I absolutely highly recommend investing time in social networking. It is critical on the modern web to have these streams active in order to survive. It's quick, easy, and has incredibly high value.

For example, I've had an origami sales page for probably ten years now on the web. Just a few weeks ago I finally set up a Facebook and Twitter feed for my origami sales. You can see them here -


I posted about flame crane earrings. I immediately sold a pair. I posted about a rainbow string of cranes. I immediately sold one. And I hadn't had any sales on my site for MONTHS. Google and other engines now take into account social network promos. A site without those matching links is going to fall behind the millions of other websites out there that do have them. So if you haven't entered this world yet, it is incredibly easy to start - and absolutely necessary for web success.

Our social networking forum is here -


Post with what you want to learn about social networking, and we will help get you started! Remember that a key is to have a focused stream. So if you both have a business doing home decor and also a hobby of dream-research, you want TWO feeds. We can help you sort that out!

Lisa Shea, owner


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