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July 24 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

The July list of free books is now posted in the Editor's Forum. Please email me with the books you'd like me to send to you!


We did an experiment several years back where we created channel-specific forums in that editors-only area. I think what we've found, looking at posts in there, is that few editors use them and that the topics discussed there are often ones that all editors would find useful. What are your thoughts on me folding those channel-specific editor forums back into the main editor forum? Again this is only about the private editor-only forum area, the ones you see here -


Let me know your thoughts pro and con!

My editor pending email list is currently at 39. Please do send me a message if you need help! I always want to encourage editors to email me. I'm just sharing my pending list so editors who have already emailed me and are waiting on something know it's going to be looked at soon.


Most editors are eagerly working on selling ebooks through our site and through Kindle / Apple / etc. Different genres of books sell at different rates, but as a ballpark figure I thought I'd share how my medieval romance novels are selling on the Kindle. I began releasing these books last December and have released a novel a month since then. Let's see if I can get this report to format properly for you.

Month Seeking Knowing A Sense Creat Looking Badge Lady Finding Promo Promo 2
Dec 11 23 21 110 sense 2950
Jan 12 53 64 280
Feb 12 45 180 72 12 knowing 3193
Mar 12 129 113 66 36 19 seeking 2396 knowing 352
Apr 12 38 34 32 17 19 8
May 12 15 18 21 18 21 31 15
Jun 12 15 13 19 14 16 14 27 7 knowing 488
Jul 12 9 37 7 9 10 12 7 9 up to 7/24

Sales 327 480 607 106 85 65 49 16
Income $98.10 $144.00 $182.10 $31.80 $25.50 $19.50 $14.70 $4.80

Total $520.50

Total # books sold: 1735
Total # books inc free: 11114

Hopefully that gets to you with the columns intact. The book names are all shortened so they fit - you can find the full names and details here -


The gist is that doing the free giveaway promos - that you can see on the far right columns - greatly helps sales. So it absolutely kicks sales up to give away the books for free. I don't know why I gave the same book away 3 times ;). My brain gets overwhelmed sometimes, I think. So tonight I'm doing a five day giveaway of Lady in Red, to see how that then affects sales in August.

Let me know if you have any questions at all about this. Definitely a key is doing active social networking to engage your fans and get them interested in the next book that's coming out. You can see how I do that on my Facebook page -


You need to ask questions that people will be drawn to answer. And even if they don't answer for a few months, you have to keep at it. You have to stick with it. Things will be quiet for the first few months. That's OK. All social networking builds over time, and then it reaches a critical mass and starts to really pay off. So be patient! Jeanne's 67,000 twitter followers didn't happen overnight. She built that over time and then it began to snowball. She stuck with it, and success followed!


Let me know if you have any questions about any of this!

Lisa Shea, owner


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