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July 29 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

By an overwhelming majority editors voted to fold the channel-specific editor forums (our private support forums) into the main editor-help forum. Several editors mentioned that if a group wanted to talk to all Food editors, for example, they could just say that in the title of the post, and that the other editors would probably benefit from listening in too, to get ideas for their own channels. That way we all help each other :) So that folding-in of topics is now done.

While I was in there, I also retitled the ebook support group to also encompass print books. Many issues of doing ebooks also apply to doing print books, and most people do both versions of their content, so this will help us all keep our publishing goals moving along.

I've updated the book giveaway list - we're nearly under 20 books! Hurrah! Please help me out by claiming another book or two from the list :) I want my office clean!


Many editors have been writing me for ideas for Cash in Three Days. I started a thread here to keep us all motivated - post your ideas there, and post if you're stuck for ideas! We can all brainstorm and help each other succeed. I posted some of my own ideas there!



One of the key messages in the Yes! Energy book was that we all have areas we shine in. We have areas that we are happy doing and that we do well. She makes a strong case that if we spend hours and hours on something we are NOT good at, we are throwing away money.

One example she gives is housework. Say you currently spend 15 hours a week on housework. Now say you could pay an efficient cleaner $50 to come clean your house. If you had 15 free hours, could you make more than $50? This links back to our "cash in 3 days" idea. How can you efficiently bring in money? If you could bring in more than $50, then you are losing money by spending your time doing something you don't want to do and that blocks out valuable time.

This isn't necessarily about becoming a wealthy miser :) It's about having the money critical for good nutrition, good health, and protection of those you care about. You guys know how much I actively support charities - and at the same time I make sure I can afford vet treatments for my parakeet, critical repairs for my car, and nutritious food for my family. It's important to find a good balance in there.

So for a week, track what you do. I've set up a thread to help us!


It doesn't have to be formal or in chart form. Whatever works well for you is great. The idea is that once you see where time is going, you can make sure it's going to where YOU want it to go. If you want to meditate for 2 hours every afternoon, that's awesome! That's a great use of time. If you want to work on your book for 2 hours every afternoon, but instead you end up plunked in front of a TV show you don't even really like, that's probably something to examine :)

When you find items you think you could outsource, post them in our swap-barter forum -


That way other editors can get ideas for what they could outsource, and make some money or share some of their own skills to help you out!

Together we can all reach our dreams!

Lisa Shea, owner


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