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August 4 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I have just caught up with all editor related email. If you have a question or comment pending for me, please email it again and I'll work on it!

I just spent Thursday with my injured friend, who is healing nicely. It reminds me again how we all have blessings in life and should treasure each day we have. One never knows what the future might hold.


First, I think thanks to Caroline that I finally figured out a shareable list of BellaOnline editors on Facebook. it is here -


Let me know if you can see that. It should be an easy way for editors to help each other out with our projects. It can ONLY be seen by my "friends", so no outsiders will see that. If you're not on it and want to be, let me know. Of course if you're on it and don't want to be for some reason, you can let me know that too :)

Second, Facebook is making a change.

Facebook is getting a lot of grief in the press for having 83 million "fake" accounts. With their stock having so many issues, they are going to be working avidly on removing these bogus accounts to preserve their reputation.

I know several editors have duplicate accounts and "personal" accounts that are really in the name of a company or something else. Those are all targets.

I highly recommend if you do have an account you log into that is not for yourself as a person that you quickly move that content into a fan page associated with your actual personal account. People are seeing those invalid accounts get shut down without any warning at all, and they lose access to all the content.

This is *only* about personal accounts. I know Facebook can be confusing :) But when you log into Facebook, you log into a personal account. That's the main thing you see, that can have friends. From there you can then make lots of *fan pages* and those fan pages are fine. The fan pages are the things that people "like". So fan pages are fine. But a given person can only have one, single personal account.

If you're confused at all about this feel free to write me and I can help you look at your accounts to see if you are all set. It's far better to check it now, to make sure you're set, vs to have your personal page vanish because you had multiple of them or it's for a company / cause / etc. and not a person.

Have a lovely weekend!

Lisa Shea, owner


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