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September 24 2010 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

Jill (Editor Assistance Manager) and I were brainstorming today about ways we could help the editors lead easier lives. One thing that came up was plagiarism. I've been searching all over the web but I can't find an automated plagiarism checker which preserves our privacy. So I've built us one!

If you look on the left side of your admin area, there's now a menu link for "Plagiarism Checker". It starts with your first article (by ID number) and each time you hit "next" it moves on to the next one. For each article it shows you everything it finds in Google that matches your starting phrase. I'm using Google's API and apparently it's not perfect - sometimes it will miss results. Still, this API is what all other systems use as their base so it's a web standard!

Page on through your articles to see what you find! If you want to start part-way through (say you get through Article 4000 tonight and want to do more investigations tomorrow) the instructions are at the bottom of that page.

This is all brand new code I put together so I'd love any feedback or suggestions! I'm limited to what the Google API lets me do, but I'm happy to do my best within those limits.

Susan Kramer, Ebook Manager
To continue our "meet the managers" theme, let's all say hi to Susan Kramer! Susan is our Ebooks Manager and has been with us since 2003. Susan is a fantastic resource for any and all questions involving creating ebooks!

There's an ebooks forum in the editor area of the forums, too, where you can talk about ebooks, get ideas for your own ebooks, and get yourself motivated to publish one!

Many editors have *great* success with ebook sales. It's a wonderful way to then break into sales on the Kindle, and even get "found" by a print publisher to take your content to the next level!

Susan is at ebooks@bellaonline.com. Her full bio and photo can be found on the bio page of the Editor Assistance site -


Let's all say hello and thanks to Susan for her amazing help!

Lisa Shea, owner


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