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April 12 2009 Ethnic Beauty Newsletter

Happy Easter to All

Today marks the anniversary of my new life. Last Easter I was faced with a life and death situation that involved my body not having enough blood to sustain my life. I had lost a lot of blood over time and my body could not reproduce enough. So I was given 5 pints of new blood and a hysterectomy.

The only thing I could think of after I found this out was "While He was shedding His I was losing mine". I was in the hospital for exactly 1 week. I was released from the hospital on the 1 of April that year with new blood and new life.

So Easter will always remind me of that special time with the Trinity. But most importantly it will always remind me and humble me before the cross of Jesus. It also reminds me of My Heavenly Father's love because he never left my side during that time. But nothing is more precious than life when given by God.

I pray that you all have a blessed and wonderful Easter Sunday.

Oh yeah, we have a new baby granddaughter this Easter, she's 6 almost 7 weeks old.

Celebrate Life!

*Grace* for the Journey
Hello and Welcome To Ethnic Beauty

There are 2 new feature article posted for your reading pleasure and knowledge. One deals with Make-Up Foundation and ethnic beauty. The other deals with women of color being singled out or separated by beauty. Read my views on these 2 topics here:

Ethnic Beauty and Color Foundation
Foundation is a major challenge for ethnic women. This is where color really matters. Looking for the natural flawless skin, foundation must be a perfect match to skin tone and color. Using foundation is very personalized and has to be a custom fit; so to speak.

Ethnic Beauty Singled Out
The truth is when it comes to beauty we all have different needs and our ethnicity will determine how extensive those conditions will be. Ethnic beauty really is different from main stream beauty. For this reason ethnic beauty should be noticed in a crowd.

If you enjoy theses article take please visit more content on Ethnic Beauty.

Ethnic beauty Community Forum: Invitation to Participate

I would love to hear what's on your mind in the community forum. Also realize your topic does not have to be on Ethnic Beauty. It can be on anything that concerns you or even interest you on a different topic.

We all have hobbies, families. We all have everyday lives with everyday stresses and problems. Some times it's nice to have a place to talk about what concerns you in everyday life.

Let this community forum stand for more than just beauty. Let it be a continued conversation about life and how we can all contribute to making it better for others. Beauty brings us together; conversation brings us relationship, relationships brings us knowledge and understanding of others that are different from us.

So let's get to know each other through conversation. Join me if you will.

Community Forums: Here are the new topics posted in the forum this week.

Singled Out By Beauty

Introduction to Foundation

I hope to hear from you soon. Your opinions, suggestions and comments are important to me. In order to make this site everything you want, I need to hear feed back from visitors and readers.

If you enjoy receiving this newsletter have fun sending it to some one else who shares your passion and mine for ethnic beauty. Also drop me a line to let me know how much you enjoy or don't enjoy the Ethnic Beauty Site and this newsletter.

~ Enjoy

Grace D. Dooley, Ethnic Beauty Editor

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