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November 3 2011 Organization Newsletter

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Reduce Holiday Stress - 3 Tips to Start the Season
This holiday season, give yourself the gift of less stress, more joy. Organize your expectations so you remain in control and can thoroughly relax. Find more meaning by saying no to outside pressure and yes to what you truly want. These three steps will help you plan your perfect holiday.

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This week's question is: What's your best holiday organizing tip?

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This weeks Organizing Extra was written with that question in mind. (The Organizing Extra is a fresh feature to this newsletter. It's micro article with a couple of quick tips. Please feel free to share your feedback on this added feature.)

Organizing Extra:

The holidays are fast approaching. Are you feeling the stress yet? I sincerely hope not! But I wouldn't be at all surprised if you were. The last few months of the year are filled with expectations, both self imposed and from external sources. Here are two quick tips that will help you keep perspective and stay balanced:

Keep this in mind: The holidays are supposed to be about relaxing and having fun!

This sounds obvious but many people let a sense of obligation rule when it comes to holidays. They think they have to spend money they don’t have. They feel like they have to accept every invitation that comes along. They feel obligated to spend time with people they don’t like. The overall result is resentment. Before you agree to anything this holiday season ask yourself if it's because of obligation or because it's what you truly want. Say no to obligations, yes to wants. It's your time, you control it!

Keep it simple, keep it sane.

The media serves up constant messages that we need to do more and spend more in order to have the perfect holiday. Don't buy into it. Choose to be in the moment and savor each experience. More is not better. This is true for children and adults. Too much is too much. The holidays are about the people and the experiences that come from being together. It's not about the stuff. Simplify your holidays; your body, mind, space and wallet will thank you! Simplifying means less clutter - both physical and mental. Less clutter means less to keep track of. Less to keep track of means it's easier to stay on top of organizing maintenance tasks. Don't let the holidays undo all your organizing effort!

Organizing Resource (Another new feature. This will highlight some resource related to this topic of the week or the season we are in.)

Give yourself the gift of sanity this holiday season!

What if you could actually relax and enjoy yourself?
What if you could stop feeling stressed out and exhausted?
Just imagine how great that would be!

You don’t have to be content imagining. The Less Stress, More Joy Holiday [Un]Workshop can make it a reality!

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