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September 11 2006 Short Stories Newsletter

This is the September, 2006, newsletter from Short Stories at Bella Online.

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Aldebaran shone above her like a crown jewel. The steam of their breath mingled on the cool winter breeze. He felt the air around him as keenly as if he were crossing the flight line to a waiting cockpit. The dark seas of the almost full moon seemed to have a thousand secrets to tell. When she broke the silence, he did not find her voice intrusive on the beauty of the night. Read An Exaltation of Larks by Jeff Sell.

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The first one was a brown penny he'd found on the sidewalk. It stayed in his pocket as the trains roared by. He'd just wanted to see what it felt like almost making a wafer. The second was a piece of silver from his father's coin collection. There'd been a beautiful ship on one side with full sails -- king and crown on the other. It slipped off as soon as he pulled his hand away. He would've replaced the coin on the rail but was too scared. The third was another brown penny. Two trains passed over that one, the second welding it to the rail. He'd found his father's coin the day he'd brought the first nickel to the tracks. The train passed over both of them -- one wafer shinier than the other. Read wafer by antonios maltezos.

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She held out the duckling and Sam took it, cradling it in both hands, feeling the wet webbed feet press against his palms. It put its beak against his thumb and peeped - a small sound that Sam took as a hello. Read a short story by Aliya Whiteley:

I sit here, in the bent brass of an old café, inhaling the sins of another’s cigarette and thinking of you. The world pirouettes in perfect balance. The coffee straws stir. In. Out. In, out. Yes, please. Thank you. Read And Still the World Waits flash fiction by Laura Havice featured at Andwerve

If you have any comments or questions, email me at Also feel free to drop by the Short Stories Forum to drop a message or post some fiction. With your help, I am sure Short Stories will be a very successful section of BellaOnline.

Sharon Cullars


In this breathtakingly sexy novel, Sharon Cullars invites you into two worlds—modern Chicago and 1879 New York—and into the lives of two lovers whose unforgettable passion transcends time. But will their attraction bring an undying love...or set in motion a harrowing destiny

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