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May 30 2011 Children with Special Needs Newsletter

Here's the latest article from the Special Needs Children site at BellaOnline.com.

Teaching Children to Count Coins and Bills
Children may not understand the value of coins intuitively because bigger coins like nickels and pennies are worth less than the smaller dime, and it may be difficult for them to tell nickels, quarters and dollar coins apart by size.

Making change is what we do as parents and advocates - estimating whether we are getting back has the right value for what we give as we advocate for our children. Sometimes what we find does not make immediate sense intuitively, but is unexpected and quite wonderful.

In recent weeks we may have spent time on transition plans and IEPs, and celebrated graduations from early intervention, preschool, kindergarten and other school years. Please take a moment to appreciate the progress and milestones that your time, effort and caring have made possible. Congratulations and good luck to all your children. Thank you for being there for them and having a great time along the way.

I hope that your summer plans, vacations and visits are memorable - in a good way.

If you have suggestions on books for children or parents that raise awareness or could help us create more inclusive communities, please let me know via the webpage or in response to this newsletter.

This Memorial Day we especially hold in our hearts all those who serve our country, and their families, remembering the sacrifices that have been made in recent time and throughout our history. Our hearts go out to those affected by the destructive storms that have created so much loss and tragedy to communities throughout the country.

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Letter to Myself on Diagnosis Day
A question was posed recently on the DownSyndromePregnancy website - what would you tell yourself if you could travel back in time to the day of your child's diagnosis? It might be something different every time we think about our lives since; and so many new things might be added as time goes by.

Finding a Welcoming Congregation
Finding an inclusive faith community that is supportive of childhood disabilities and welcoming to families of children who have special needs should not be a rare event. However, some families feel that they no longer fit in their congregations, and others may even have been encouraged to leave.

Encouraging Friendship - Childhood Disabilities
Encouraging friendships between classmates who represent the true diversity of our communities helps build relationship skills among children with developmental disabilities as well as their mainstream peers.

Gardening with Children
Children with developmental delays, physical disabilities, chronic health conditions or other special needs may find peace, delight and motivation in gardening where they are not being measured, evaluated or trained to do better but still take responsibility for perfectly wonderful accomplishments.

Twins and Childhood Disabilities
Twins bring many unique and wonderful experiences to their families as well as greater responsibilities for care as newborns and in early childhood. Some face greater challenges due to genetic anomalies like Down syndrome, or prematurity, traumatic birth, or other issues related to multiple births.

Thyroid Problems and Down Syndrome
Children with Down syndrome have a higher incidence of thyroid problems that can have adverse effects on their health, development and emotional wellness.

Sickle Cell Disease in Children
Sickle Cell Disease is a genetic anomaly that is more common in families with certain ethnic backgrounds. Research, information and support for children and families affected by Sickle Cell has never been greater than it is today, but more needs to be done to understand and treat this disease.

To participate in free, fun online discussions, this site has a community forum all about Special Needs Children located here -


I hope to hear from you sometime soon. Don't hesitate to pass this message along to family and friends, other advocates and professionals who have the good fortune to work with our children.

Pamela Wilson, Special Needs Children Editor

PUSH America kicks off their cross country Journey of Hope from Seattle
with a friendship dinner at The Arc http://fb.me/HoBWtT2B

Clemson graduates first class of students with disabilities #Downsyndrome

dsagsl : Step Up for Down Syndrome: 1 week to go!

Big Girl Small - Coming of age story, performing arts school, sounds like a good read
#diversity #SmallStature #GLEE
NPR Review: http://tiny.cc/02f28

All About Me I Get It App
Thanks to Carol V - Looks interesting

Recess Skills for Children with Special Needs

Accessible Playgrounds & Inclusive Play Areas

Service Animals and Childhood Disability

Service Dog Etiquette

How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves
New: Perfect Puppy in 7 Days $9.99 at
Provide puppies 3wks-3mos w positive, not neutral or bad experiences w unfamiliar

Modifying Schoolwork http://tinyurl.com/MdfgSchlwrk Teacher Guides to Inclusive Practices by Rachel Janney #downsyndrome #moms #teachers

Cooperative Learning and Strategies for Inclusion http://tinyurl.com/ClsrmInclsnPwD Celebrating Diversity in the Classroom #teachers #moms

Some friends need Becky! RT @unitedmedianow: We are sooooo close to 500! Please help Becky get some friends on Glee!

JenniLeeBlack: A Big Thank You to my Tweeps! A Loss and A Gain with the Help of Social Media: http://t.co/Fj5t4ZN

DownSynPreg DSP talks about Down Syndrome Education International http://t.co/Nz253Nh via @DownSynPreg

Silver Mist
http://tinyurl.com/SlvrMstDSfctn "Girl w Down syndrome & inspiring,
unique story of Dublin's Bloody Friday"

LanYounwings: UC San Diego opens new Down syndrome center | UC Health

Volunteer for Down Syndrome Association's Bike Camp, June 27-July 1. http://www.nicolet.k12.wi.us/cms_files/resources/volunteers.pdf

TheJeffJoyce:Thanks to @stef_wilson and @GrahamRahal for supporting D.A.D.S and people with Down Syndrome. WWW.DADSNATIONAL.ORG

Emmerdale: Zoe Henry on Rhona giving birth, Marlon's Down's syndrome baby: I got two for the price of one, but b... http://bit.ly/l2V9RZ

MeganMac: Beyonce's voice uncut = so beautiful.

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