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August 3 2009 Children with Special Needs Newsletter

Here's the latest article from the Special Needs Children site at BellaOnline.com.

New Medicaid Limits on Diabetes Testing Supplies
Medicaid limits on diabetes testing supplies for children and teens with insulin dependent diabetes will cause far greater expense in medical care, including emergency events requiring paramedics, emergency room visits, and hospitalization. Best practices advise regular and frequent monitoring.
New limits in Washington State became effective on August 1, 2009. However, other states have already set lower limits for diabetes testing supplies, and those with adequate allowances for frequent testing have been considering reduced limits. Medicare and some private insurance companies already have set limits lower than is necessary for active, growing children, especially those who have unpredictable blood sugar, communication problems or developmental disabilities.
There are DME forms available for doctors to request an exemption to the new limit in Washington state; families and advocates should be aware that pharmacies will not be reimbursed without an exemption in place.

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Make the most of fabulous food, families and friendships this August, I am wishing you all the best this summer and hope you enjoy the eighth month of the year so much the memories will warm you throughout next winter. We are having uncharacteristically hot weather in the Pacific Northwest - temperatures from 80F to 103F are uncomfortable here where only 14% of households have air conditioning. If hot weather is a struggle for you and yours, or you've just had too much of it, I am sending virtual icy drinks and cool shade, and a basketful of short but refreshing naps. Hang in there.

Terri Mauro says it's not too late to salvage those 'top five' summer projects... and offers help on seeing them through
Toilet Training, Starting a Reading Routine, Getting Your Records Together, Keeping a Journal, Making a Behavior Plan
If you have a Top Five, share them at the Bellaonline forum for the Special Needs Children website! Mine fall woefully short of those above... but I am inspired, nonetheless.
Help End Waiting Lists for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities -
Please sign the NoEwait petitions at http://www.noewait.net
and follow advocates at http://twitter.com/NOEWAIT
The 19th Anniversary of the ADA, and U.N. Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Twelve representatives of the disability community invited by President Obama to meet privately with him, Attorney General Holder, Secretary of Labor Solis, and senior White House officials on July 24, in advance of the ADA 19th Anniversary ceremony and the announcement of the decision to sign and seek Senate ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
” … All in all, we felt that this historic meeting represented a very important step forward for our community and for the country.”
Read more about the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the National Association of the Deaf website.
“The CRPD is a shift from the medical to a human rights model of disability."
Want to reassure your neighbors and families?
Healthcare Reform:
From Patricia E Bauer's Disability News website:
Washington Post: "A campaign on conservative talk radio ... has sparked fear .. that the health-care bill moving through Congress will lead to end-of-life “rationing” and even “euthanasia.” ..."
Pat wrote:
"Defenders of the legislation, including lawmakers, the American Medical Association and the AARP respond that the accusations are untrue, offensive, and even cruel."
Reach out to families who represent the full diversity of our communities, advocating for children and teens with developmental disabilities -
TASH People of Color Initiative - 2009 Partnership Projects
Autism Society of America
National Council on Independent Living
National Down Syndrome Congress
The ARC of the United States
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Project Goals include:
Enable 20 new individuals of color with disabilities and/or a family
member to participate at each national disability advocacy organization
(including TASH) conference
Enhance disability advocacy organizations’ recognition of the disparities
that persons of color with disabilities face
Facilitate the development of leadership skills in families of color and
their participation in national and local disability advocacy
Reduce disparities related to health and access to disability services in
communities of color
Read the latest news on diabetes or celiac disease at
What's New at ChildrenwithDiabetes.com
Diabetes in the Popular Press
Breakthrough in diabetes treatment
Celiac News
Celiac Disease Insights: Clues to Solving Autoimmunity
Please visit specialneedschildren.bellaonline.com for information, resources and support while raising children with developmental delays, chronic health conditions, or childhood disabilities.

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Pamela Wilson, Special Needs Children Editor

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