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March 14 2017 Tatting Newsletter

I remember Irene

It was so long ago I do not remember which tatting event we attended when Irene and I first met. Her smile is what comes to mind when I think back to those days. She was so friendly and welcoming to all who met her.

She was part of the Online Tatting Class for years. And she and her husband Eddy hosted us when I was teaching for guilds in Atlanta. We so much enjoyed our visits. Especially when she made Chinese style cookies. And Eddie sent a ginger plant home with us one year. We all grieved when the deer ate it.

Irene was the most organized tatter I have ever known. She kept notebooks full of samples she had tatted. The same pattern in multiple sizes. Her threads were sorted and housed so that she could find a ball in a minute. And her tatting was wonderful. I was astonished the first time she showed us the huge doilies which covered her end tables. She had others so large they didn't come out often. But that is what patience does for tatters. Tat around the edge, then go around again, and inch by inch it grows.

When she and her family visited us in Alaska, we drove around looking for moose. 1200 moose live inside the city limits of Anchorage. We drove up the hillside so they could see the whole Anchorage bowl including Cook inlet and Mt. Susitna, the sleeping lady, even Denali, aka Mt. McKinley, a couple of hundred miles to the north. And shopping! Gosh we hit every mall there was! I had to give up one day just to rest my feet.

And during all these trips, Irene was always tatting a stitch here or there. Before she left she handed me a lovely hand towel with a blue embroidery and a white tatted edging. See the leaning flower edging?

leaning flower edging tatteed by Irene Woo

I first encountered it in a 1900's German book. Then again in the DMC books by Th. de Dillmont. Why we even worked it in the OTC one year. It was a favorite of mine when I first worked it. In fact I worked it for a hanky edging. It was in pink and green thread with fancy embroidery in those colors in the corner and emblazoned with "Grandmother," too. I got a fancy ribbon for it at the Alaska State Fair. But, it was also the only piece of tatting I have ever had stolen from an exhibition. In the subsequent 25 odd years since that event, whenever I have seen the pattern it brought to mind my grandma and my friend, Irene.

Messages may be sent to the family, husband Eddie, daughter Venetia, and the extended family at:
404 - 906 - 6699 (Venetia's phone)
or, by post to 1308 Apple Orchard Lane, Snellville, GA 30078

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