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October 31 2009 Wicca Newsletter

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Happy Samhain, brothers and sisters. In case you haven't checked the site lately, I am the new editor for the Wicca site at BellaOnline.com. I started training for the site about 3 weeks ago. I am friends with another editor and I have been visiting the site for a few years and jumped on the opportunity to write here.

A little about me: My name is Leslie. I have been Pagan for about 15 years now. I mostly follow a Wiccan path and am part of a Gardnerian Coven. Most of what I will be adding to the website will be material I wrote specifically for the Wicca 101 classes I help facilitate through our coven.

I would really love to hear from you through the forums or through an email. What do you want to learn about? What topics interest you? I am open for ideas!!

Recent Articles

Here are the most recent articles I have posted to the Wicca site:

Wicca Defined
The Wiccan religion has ancient roots, with only one basic law. Learn more about Wiccans and their way of life.

Samhain - Honoring Our Ancestors
Samhain is time to honor those who have gone before us into the Summerlands. Learn how to honor them and more about one of our major Holy Days

Basic Tools of Wicca
There are many options for tools and supplies for the Wiccan religion. This overview covers the basic items you might need.

An It Harm None, Do As Ye Will
A discussion of the phase that sets Wiccans apart from other Pagans.


Magickal Happenings This Week


This week we will have a Full Moon on November 2.  She will be full at 11:14 am PST/2:14 EST. The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon will be in Taurus.November 1
On this day in ancient Rome, the harvest-goddess of fruit trees, orchards, and all fruit-bearing plants was honored with a festival called the Pomonia (Feast of Pomona) which marked the end of the growing season.
Many modern Witches celebrate the day after the Halloween sabbath with a feast commemorating fruition, maturity, immortality and resurrection.

All Saints' Day. This is one of the most magickal and powerful days of the year to practitioners of Voodoo, and a time to perform rituals for spiritual strength and protection against evil loas (spirit-gods).

In Latin America and Spain, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on this date with offerings of food to honor the spirits of deceased loved ones.

A festival known as Cailleach's Reign is celebrated annually on this date by many Pagans throughout Ireland and Great Britain in honor of the ancient Celtic Crone-Goddess.

November 2
All Souls' Day. In England, small offerings known as soul cakes are traditionally set out for the dead every year on this date.

According to folklore, this is considered to be an extremely unlucky day for wedding ceremonies. Those who are wed on All Souls' Day are sure to be cursed wit misfortune, illness, divorce, or an early death.

November 3
On this date in the year 1324, a Witch named Dame Alice Kyteler suffered death by fire in the first and most famous Witch trial to take place in Ireland. Nine others were arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to various punishments.

November 4
In ancient times, a Pagan festival honoring the Lord of Death was celebrated in England every year on this night (the Eve of Guy Fawkes Day). The bonfires and mischievous pranks associated with modern England's Mischief Night are actually remnants of the old Pagan customs.

November 5
Every year on this date, young men gather in Shebbear, England, to turn a large red rock called the Devil's Boulder. The centuries-old custom of turning the one-ton rock (which was flung into the village square by the Devil himself, according to English folklore) conjures up ancient magickal powers and brings peace and prosperity to the village.

November 6
On this day, the birth of Tiamat ( an ancient Babylonian goddess known as the Dragon Mother) is celebrated. According to mythology, Tiamat and her consort Apsu gave birth to all the gods of the world, and the earth and the heavens were created from Dragon Mother's severed body.

I hope everyone has a safe and merry Samhain night. I am off to take my little witches out for trick or treat then to do our annual ritual.


Leslie Ravenwing

Wicca Editor


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