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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my music on your radio station?
A: Simple! Just fill out the release form and email it to us with a link to your MP3s. We'll review your music and add it to our station.

Q: Can I send my versions of previously released music (covers) for you to play?
A: According to copyright laws, we cannot play covered music unless you have permission from the original musicians and are paying them royality fees.

Q: Why don't you play music by men?
A: We are a women's website (although we welcome male readers and listeners). We want to give women a comfortable place for their voice and music.

Q: Is this radio station legal?
A: Yes it is. As of 2007, BellaRadio plays only music by independent artists. We have signed waivers forms from all of the artists we play on our station. In previous years, we did hold an ASCAP license and played commercial artists as well as independent artists. Since then we have found we fulfill our purpose best by providing free publicity and attention for musicians who are not yet signed.

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