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Ruffles by Christine Catalano

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Letter to Our Readers
Cynthia Parker This summer I came to understand the importance of change and the role that it plays in our lives. Many people dread change; others embrace it. Some will stay on the same path, plodding along endlessly unless change knocks them onto a new course. Others seek out change as if it were life itself. Truthfully, it is. As much as we like for our lives to stay the same, we cannot grow or realize our goals and life’s work if we do not embrace change – whether it is with relish or reluctance.

In Fiction, The Future Out There reminds the reader of the balance between the eagerness of youth and the wisdom of age as a mother encourages her child to reach for the stars. Three Cups of Tea delves into the different stages of life and how different people deal with conflict, showing us that there may be a different “right” answer for each of us. Paradise Disillusioned is a cautionary tale with the message that we do not always know our own hearts and that sometimes we need to listen a bit closer to what our conscience is telling us.

NonFiction always has a powerful impact and When We Met Harry over the Trash is no exception. Through this short but memorable piece, we learn that we are never too old to learn nor to teach. What it Means to be A Woman and Teaching with Tolerance remind us that while change is inevitable, our core being remains true to the ideals we hold dear. These are the lessons of change that are important for us to share with others.

One of my favorite Mused sections is poetry. Desert Views reminds us that change is inevitable, even when we choose to stand in the same place. The Journey tells us that we don’t have to see what is coming next to know that it will surely come. When the Rain Comes is a gentle reminder that even the change that causes pain has a purpose.

Change. An ever-constant cycle of motion that carries us forward through life. Whether it be the cycles of nature or the birth-life-death continuum, it will always exist. We cannot stop it – in truth, we would not want to do so. Whether we dread it or embrace it, change is what creates in us the greatness we will ultimately achieve.

Happy Reading! Embrace the change!

Cynthia Parker
Senior Fiction Editor
Poetry Team Member

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