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Little Hoot by Christine Catalano

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Three Margarets and a Grace - What a touching story! I laughed out loud as I read the "the hair in your soup is still attached to your chin". Other times I got choked up by the kindness and reassuring message from the author. ~Michael

With the Spring - We were still having snow in Toronto when I read this poem. It's so beautifully written. It helped me a lot to have patience and to believe that Spring would come soon with flowers blossoming and bees buzzing. Thank you! Thank you! ~Claude

That Summer She Lived in a Shoe - I like how the poem moves to the ending revelation in such a delicate manner. ~Pratibha

Going Home - Sue your way with words always astonish and charm me and in this piece you've really outdone yourself! Super Excellent!! ~Mona

Purple Flower - It's beautiful! Do you know what the name of the plant is that produces this flower? ~Bob [Editor’s note: this was a petunia]

In Absinthe - What a great imagery. You have beautifully captured the 'spirit' of the evening. ~Pratibha

On the Pier - This was beautiful! :D ~Lois

The Moment I Parted the Curtains - Good story - travelled to another part of the world with it - to another neck of the woods. ~Ann

Survivor - Well written and touching. ~Mary

Lagoon - I loved the detailed painting like descriptions ~Pratibha

Naomi´s Tears - This story was written by my son & his first attempt as most times he writes poems, so being his mother I'm very proud of him. ~Connie

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