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Hummingbird by Lisa Shea

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Heron Under Moon - Love this with the moon in the background. ~Carole

Green Bug on Orange - Mark creates such stunning combinations of color and emotion. He reminds us that beauty can be found in the most unexpected of places. ~Lisa

Atlas Moth - Enchanting moth on a background that enhances the texture and colors of the moth. Well Done. ~LCJ

A True Friend - This is brilliant. The dialog felt so realistic. I'm sad to say how closely I can relate to Amanda. The hope this story brings me lightens my heart and moistens my eyes. It gives me hope that if I did many of the great ideas in the story that someday I won't wince when I look in the mirror or someone takes out a camera. Brilliant job. ~Shann

An Invitation - Well, Ms. Popelka, I can see a bit of myself in "Mithy". Thank you for the great lesson. Learning from our children is certainly one of the greatest gifts in life. ~Peggity

Sunrise, Banana, Chair - This was a lovely and bittersweet piece. Thank you for sharing it! ~Erin

California - The author beautifully captures the longing for "home" that is as old as literature itself. ~Denise

California - Artful, descriptive piece that takes you to the edge of the shore where you can, too, feel the salty air, sand between your toes and the light breeze wash across your face. Beautiful. ~Morika

Can You Stand the Heat? - Melissa, I very much enjoyed the honesty in your story. ~Ruth

Redemption - An intriguing glimpse at Iranian culture, but also a story with a universal theme of forgiveness and redemption. ~Connie

Roots and Wings - What a great story! It touches the heart and the soul and tells you that, yes, you can reach for your dreams. :) ~Lorraine

This is my Nana - What a moving tribute! ~Denise

This is my Nana - I cried. Your writing is beautiful and piercing. Stunning piece. Ending profound. ~Morika

Vulcan: A father of mine... - It's almost unfair for me to write a comment. I don't know that I can be objective. You see, I fell in love with Murray's prose when I read Bastard Blue. Then, I read Fires, and I realized that it was no fleeting love--I found his style so lyrical but accessible. So, when I saw that this was written by Murray Dunlap, I knew I would love it. I know his story and feel that I know him much better than I do. That's how intimate his writing is. It is personal, yet universal. I am not a young man from Mobile who was crippled by an auto crash; I don't love Birmingham; but when I read this, I am and I do. ~NewOrleansBon

Arabesque - Amazing! Taking a walk in our neighborhood, we walked again past the Skaller's house - I think they left for Florida probably about 30 years ago. At the time, she with another instructor were giving ballet lessons after hours at the Cherry Hill High School-East. Where did you attend classes, and when? They were a wonderful couple. ~Helena

A Sailorīs Wife - The imagery is just gorgeous! Love it! ~Lisa

Grabbing for Sanity - Love the image in the first stanza! ~Bartholomew

Grabbing for Sanity - This is so neatly and compactly written. it makes a big impression. Like it very much. ~Francesca

Pink Joy Purple Sorrow - beautiful-thank you ~Connie

Street Rhythm - Nice. ~Pira

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