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Engagement Ring

Wayne Scheer

It just kind of popped out of my mouth:

I love you, too.

And we started talking about marriage. I said we should get married someday. You know, like in the future.

Belinda and I apparently have a different definition of future.

The next thing I know were picking out an engagement ring. Nothing fancy. Shes not like that. But, still, an engagement ring? Shes so excited I want to buy it for her. I love it when shes happy. So we chose a nice little ring that cost about five hundred dollars. She didnt want us to spend more.

Now shes talking about how we should move in together to save money for our future.

Our future?

Yesterday, it was me and now. Today, its our future. I just graduated from college and started my first real job as a computer programmer. Shes working as a waitress while finishing school. I cant think much beyond tomorrow morning.

But shes talking as if time is something she can see through, like fog as it starts to lift. Shes going on about having children and buying a house and growing old together.

Im twenty-two and shes twenty-one. I have no idea what growing old even means.

Its not that I dont want to be with Belinda forever. To be honest, Im afraid not to be with her.

Thats my problem, isnt it? Im afraid.

Im not waiting for someone better to come along. I dont think Im ever going to meet anyone better. But, man, Im scared.

I tell her I love her, and I mean it when I say it. At least I think I do. But love is something that two people have whove been together a long time, like my mom and dad. Love is like glue. My dad said that once. Its the stuff that keeps people united, even when they get so mad they hate each other. My parents can scream and say horrible things, but once they calm down, they talk and work out whats gotten them so mad. Thats love.

Belinda and I havent even had a real fight yet. I mean we disagree sometimes, we argue, but I worry if well even want to stay together after a real fight.

How can I tell her what Im thinking?

How can I not? Arent we supposed to be honest with each other?

Honesty? Who knows where that might lead?

Shes so damn happy wearing that engagement ring. And it makes me happy seeing her so happy. Maybe thats at least the start of love.

I wish to hell I knew.

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So sweet! I have a good feeling about your couple.