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Three Women by Christine Kesara Dennett

What You Are Saying

Fall and Winter Issues 2008 --

Be kind to old, forgotten clothes by Michael Hazani

I have to remark, in response to one of the letters to the editor, that I find in this issue nothing of what was termed “pseudo-intellectual gobblydegook.” I also can´t recall anything of that sort from the Fall issue: is “Old, Forgotten Clothes” so hard to understand? I´m assuming that the writer got confused, and sent his letter to the wrong magazine! Keep on doing what you are doing.


The Visit by Jody Zolli

“The Visit” is so poignant. It reflects wonderfully the thoughts that arise from looking at a photograph of the past bringing it right up to date with emotion. It is poetry I can understand unlike a lot that goes over my head. Well done.


Shifting Sands by Gregory A. Kompes

I just read the latest copy of Mused. I really enjoyed the poem, Shifting Sands by Gregory Kompes. It could apply to so many different things in our lives.



Great issue. I loved the play about law (“A WACKY LOOK AT THE HISTORY of LAW”), but I think she missed the boat, just a bit, in that final scene. Down here in Texas, it´s the lawyers who always wind up with the bird!


One MUSED - Two Online Versions

I am really enjoying your winter solstice issue. Thank you for all your hard work. My suggestion is that it would be really nice to be able to scroll through the artwork, maybe the stories and articles too. You don´t have to respond. All the best in 2009.


Editor Response: The HTML version has each item on a separate page so that it downloads quickly for our readers on dial-up systems. If you have a system that can handle larger files, be sure to view our PDF version of each issue! That allows you to scroll through all the artwork, poems, stories and other content in one file. The link to the PDF version can be found in the online table of contents for each issue.

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