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Three Women by Christine Kesara Dennett

Human Lady

Jane Adams

Itís cold, and itís dreary. We sit perched on this tree limb that
is frozen from the cold.

Food is scarce, and hard to find. Itís been days.

There is a human lady inside the window of her apartment. She
sees us out in the cold. She comes to the window. She is reaching
outside through a small door to the side of the window that opens
to the outside.

She pours bird feed into a long feeder that stretches the whole
length of the large window. There is even a wooden pole for
us to sit on while we eat.

She fills the feeder and closes the small door on the window.
She sees us. She smiles and waits.

Itís cold. We are hungry. We have to trust her. One by one we
go to the feeder and eat. We are so grateful to this human lady.

If birds could give blessings
Iíd give one to her
for all of the things
she has done.

She must be a human
with love in her heart.
A human that knows
weíre all . . . ONE.

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