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Three Women by Christine Kesara Dennett

Lisa Shea Lisa Shea, Publisher

Lisa Shea has been writing epic stories, creating poetry (especially haiku), snapping photos, and drawing landscapes since she was very young. She feels very strongly that there is a creative energy within each and every one of us. She is thrilled to have found a way to help promote the works of talented individuals around the world. In addition to owning BellaOnline, Lisa is the editor for BellaOnline’s low carb and video gaming sites. In the print world, Lisa is the author of a series of books on wedding and courtships traditions in Ireland, Italy, France and other cultures.

Jill Florio Jill Florio, Editor in Chief

Jill Florio was the Art Editor for Flagstaff Live, Staff Reporter & Photographer for the Prescott Valley Tribune, and contributed variously as reporter, photographer and columnist to the Prescott Art Rag, Prescott Daily Courier, the Arizona Republic, Sweat Magazine, AP News, Suite101.com, Travelwise Magazine, Mountain Living Magazine, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Serving Arizona, the Raven Review and Active.com. She is the Editor for the 4th Edition of Arizona Off the Beaten Path, published by Globe Pequot Books. She has had poetry, art and short stories published in both recent and forgotten venues from as early as the 4th grade. Jill also writes for BellaOnline for the topics of Blogs & Social Networking and Cosmetics. Jill is the Community Manager for BellaOnline overall, where she insists on using The Force as an alternative to pecking at her keyboard all day. Look for her most recent online community magazine at CrestlineLiving.com.

Diane Cipollo Diane Cipollo, Art Director

Diane Cipollo started as a traditional pen and ink artist in the greeting card industry and won third place in the Decorative Artist's Workbook 1998 Holiday Card Contest. She has always been fascinated by animated movies such as Disney's Fantasia and turned in her traditional pen and ink for digital pixels several years ago when digital art and animation software arrived on the scene. She has been with BellaOnline since 2003 as editor for the HTML, PHP, Flash and Digital Art and Design sections.

Melissa Knoblett-Aman Melissa Knoblett-Aman, Senior Fiction Editor

Melissa Knoblett-Aman is a freelance writer who holds a degree in English with a concentration in Writing and Editing from Western Carolina University. She has loved all forms of writing, be it fiction, poetry or non-fiction, ever since she can remember. In addition to serving as Senior Fiction Editor for Mused, she is BellaOnline´s editor for Catholicism and Cats. Melissa also writes content for Squidoo and has been published in a variety of print media. Her Squidoo page can be found at http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/melryn. Melissa is currently developing her personal/professional website, where she will offer writing and editing services. She also enjoys digital photography, playing with her cats and traveling.

Erika Lyn Smith Erika Lyn Smith, Senior Non-Fiction Editor

Erika Lyn Smith is a freelance writer, photographer, and artist. She has a passion for vibrant, bold, and distinctive digital photography and artwork. Currently Erika works as a Behavioral Medicine Registered Nurse. In addition to nursing, Erika is the editor of both the Attention Deficit Disorder site, and the Missing and Exploited Children site at BellaOnline, and Senior Editor for The Mused Literary Non-Fiction Team. If you go to www.ErikaLynSmith.net you can see more of Erika Lyn Smith´s digital photography & art.

Victoria Abreo Victoria Abreo

Victoria Abreo joined the BellaOnline team in 2005, writing for Alternative Medicine. Her writing has been featured online and in print for numerous health magazines, medical newsletters and books. She has also interviewed leading experts in the field of medicine for her self-help articles.

Angela England Angela England

Angela England is a busy mother of three young children, but maintains multiple certifications and licenses. As a CAPPA-trained childbirth instructor and labor-support doula, she has worked with pregnant women of all ages and backgrounds. Angela is also a Licensed Massage Therapist serving the Southeast Oklahoma region. Angela England is the Plants & Bulbs Feature Writer at Suite101, the Preschool Editor at Type-A-Mom Preschool, and the Managing Editor for PictureMyCamera.com. Recent writing is featured in Massage and Bodywork Magazine. Angela England has also done freelance work for several private companies and specializes in natural health, business and marketing, massage, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and gardening articles. She is available to write content for hire for your business, newsletter or other publication both print and online. On BellaOnline she serves as the Pregnancy and Journals site Editor!

Jason Hodge Jason Hodge

Jason Hodge, editor of BellaOnline´s Vegetarian and Personal Chef sites, is a nutritional researcher, massage therapist, natural and raw foods chef, avid gardener, mixed media artist and a former radio personality. He´s also a media planner, writer, director, producer and a partner with In JAH Media Group - a media planning and consulting company. He has worked on various projects with organizations from logistics coordination to media design and marketing strategies. Organizations include: Time Warner Communications, ESPN, The City Of L.A, The City of Kirkland, PCC, Motown Industries, KEH & Associates, Ellington Consulting, B.O.C., The Alliance for Community Media, AGAP, Transitional Resources, NAMIC, NAACP, Education Foundation - Federal Way CoC, many small businesses in various capacities assisting them in reaching their desired goals. His latest venture is HFiNews.com, a solutions-based, news site focusing on individuals and organizations making positive impacts in people´s lives.

Kim Kenney Kim Kenney

Kim Kenney is the author of three books with Arcadia Publishing, Canton: A Journey Through Time, Canton´s West Lawn Cemetery, and Canton´s Pioneers in Flight. She has also published an exhibition review in The Public Historian, the journal of the National Council for Public History. Her work has appeared in Mused, The Boston Globe, The Repository, and the Amazon Shorts program. She serves as editor of the Museums website at BellaOnline.com, where she has authored several ebooks. She is a contributing writer at Suite101.com, where she focuses on history articles. Her hobbies include cooking, travel, counted cross stitch, and photography.

Brandii Lacey Brandii Lacey

Brandii Lacey’s writing career started at a small town newspaper in Boone, North Carolina. She reported on local events, politics, people, and schools. After a move to Philadelphia, PA, she began website design. For the next five years, she developed and managed a nonprofit website. Brandii became the editor of BellaOnline’s Cooking for Kids site in 2007. She loves creating recipes for families. She also enjoys writing about meal plans, grocery saving tips, cookbooks and cooking products. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and ever so curious golden retriever.

Cynthia Parker Cynthia Parker

Cynthia Parker is the editor of the Single Parents column on BellaOnline. She is the single mother of two beautiful daughters and a recent empty-nester. She is using her newfound time to work on her degree, care for some very entertaining "bush kitties", and further her writing endeavors. She enjoys writing poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. Her official job title is administrative assistant at a local university where she takes care of all the administrative needs of the accounting faculty and works with a summer program for high-achieving high school students interested in pursuing a career in business. Working with the staff of Mused is a learning adventure for Cynthia and she enjoys reading the poetry and fiction works of its contributors.

Jason P. Ruel Jason P. Ruel

Jase Ruel is a writer, poet, artist, singer, activist, educator and all-aroung magician when it comes to bringing out the inner beauty of those around him. His publication credits include several University journals, Newspaper, Magaine, and ezine prints, and has had his work referenced by a few State and Federal Politicians. An avid letter writter, Jase knows how to use the power of the word to his advantage to get things accomplished. Jase has been an Editor at BellaOnline.com since 2004. He currently serves as the Gay Lesbian Relationships Editor, and has served in the past as the Gay Lesbian Editor and the HIV/AIDS Editor. He is a passionate advocate for gay lesbian rights and an educator on HIV/AIDS. He has spoken at many national College Conferences, Universities, and communites on these subjects and more. He is studying to be a Clinical Psychologist at Walden University and collects Obama memorabilia, Teddy Bears, old photographs and secretly covets shoes and old fountain pens.

Vannie Ryanes Vannie Ryanes

Vannie Ryanes recently retired as senior contract assistant in the law department of a large health sciences university to expand her business. She is a writer and home business coach. Additionally she is a book reviewer; she was a final manuscript reader for "Chicken Soup for the African American Soul". Vannie joined BellaOnline in 2004 and is the editor of two BellaOnline sites: Work & Family and Hot & Spicy (foods).

Kevin Thorburn Kevin Thorburn

Kevin Thorburn is a freelance writer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his cat, Ziggy. His passions include writing, music, art, animals, sports, health and many collections including coins, sport cards, autographs and cheques. He admires honesty and intelligence and anyone who is going after their dreams. Kevin is the Ice Hockey Editor at BellaOnline.com.

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