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The Asphalt Flower

Jane Adams

While walking to my car one day, at my office, I noticed that the asphalt on the ground, next to my car door was cracking.

Since I park in the same spot every day, I noticed the next day that the crack in the asphalt was getting bigger. I thought to myself "They´ll probably fix it soon."

The third day to my surprise, I noticed something was happening. I looked very closely at the crack in the asphalt, as I noticed a tiny green sprout was poking up through the asphalt. This was amazing!

The next day when I checked, I saw the little sprout was growing to beat the band.

I watched it every day, and after a few more days of taking care and protecting this little plant, I noticed when I looked at the little sprout, it had a tiny little flower bud on it. I just could not believe my eyes.

Each day I parked very close to the little miracle plant so that I could protect it. I couldn´t wait to see what it would look like the next time I looked at it up close. Each time, I checked its progress I was just amazed.

I had grown to love this little plant because it was so determined to grow under the worst possible conditions. Poor little thing was trying to grow in a parking lot, having to break through asphalt, of all things.

Well, the next day I was so eager to see what was happening out by my car. I hurried out to my parking space to check the little plant. As I looked down, I knew I would never forget what I saw as long as I live.

The universe had given birth to the soul of a beautiful flower. It had struggled to be born, and it was beautiful. It did what it came to do, magnificently.

I wanted to keep it, and protect it forever, and I have, because the memory of this little flower is in my heart, protected forever and always, for safekeeping.

The universe is a perfect place. It has an awesome power. In addition, looking at it then, I saw the birth of the Asphalt Flower. If a tiny little plant can do this awesome thing, under the worst conditions, just think of what you and I can do, with a mind that thinks, a Soul that guides, and a heart that loves, and shows compassion.


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