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SPLAT! Dead Bug!

E. Catharine Smith

When my Grams grows a garden
It’s a jungle in the yard
We go on a safari
Though the turnip greens and chard

We creep through all the melon vines
Like purple beetle bugs
In search of something good to eat
Like squishy, slimy slugs

We climb a giant sunflower stalk
To catch a butterfly
But when we finally reach the top
She flutters into the sky.

We leap frog down the big, green leaves
And stop on the last one
We dive into a mud puddle
Because it’s so much fun.

We sink and swim and sink some more
We bobble up and down
But suddenly my Grams, she stops
When we hear a buzzing sound.

Shhh….. she says and starts to count
One, two, three, four, and five
I look up over my head and see
A mosquito in a dive

I jump and shout, as he starts to land
Five, four, three, two, and one
SPLAT! My Gram’s swats above my head
That Mosquito is all but done!


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