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Locked Away Memories

Melissa Knoblett-Aman

The roots of my foggy
childhood memories gathered
cobwebs within the attic
for so many years.

cobwebs removed
memories revived...

Barbie dolls tumbled across
the floor like Nadia Comaneci
one day, united the next as a
family in a house made of pillows.

Baby dolls sat in adult
size chairs facing my
wee blackboard.
I taught them to spell,
read and write.

Small wooden children sat
inside a minute schoolhouse,
mastering the golden rule
in their Fisher-Price town.

The “West People”
- Jane, Johnny, Josie and Jamie
rode their horse across the
shaggy green grass-like carpet
to new frontiers and unexplored
lands on the other side of
the foyer.

Lincoln logs piled, one
on top of another till, after
several plans and tries, a
log cabin formed perfectly...

from my budding days
are locked away behind
the clouds of my mind.

Our attic is now vacant:
these roots of my memories
will create a new happiness
and fresh memories for others.

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