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Three Women by Christine Kesara Dennett

A Motherīs Legacy

Angela Saunders

Dreams of motherhood
took many turns
from joy to sadness
with love that burns

Mom spent much of her life
planning and praying
planting words of wisdom
the Bible obeying

Her hopes and her dreams
wrapped up in her children
that she raised with love
her heart never hidden

She grieved while she smiled
as she emptied her nest
when they spread their wings
She wished them the best

They went separate ways
but she loved them so still
as she prayed from a distance
that theyīd keep Godīs will

Now her children are moms
a journey you know
they all turn to her
for advice as they go

For they now know the struggles
that she had to face
and they saw that she did it
with goodness and grace

She raised them with hope
She bathed them in love
She did everything
with Godīs strength from above

Her children will rise up
to bring blessings to her
and honor as promised,
foretold in Godīs word

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